Silestone is a material made of up to 94% natural quartz, which gives it an extraordinary resistance.

It is also a non-porous material, so it is a very good choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, among others, also offers a wide range of colors very similar to the finishes of marble and granite, giving an elegant touch to any space in which you decide to use it.

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Resistance to stains and acids
Thanks to the practically null porosity of Silestone, it is almost impossible for any type of liquid to be absorbed by the surface, leaving an unsightly stain. For the same reason, acids such as vinegar or lemon cannot be absorbed either.

Impact and scratch resistance
Thanks to the great hardness of natural quartz and the elasticity provided by the polyester resins that also make up Silestone, it becomes a material with high durability and resistance to scratching and impact, essential characteristics for choosing the right countertop or backsplash for the kitchen.

Heat resistance
Although quartz is remarkably resistant to high temperatures, it is true that polyester resins do not withstand heat as well. For this reason, use trivets or boards to place kitchen accessories that are still hot. A simple solution to protect your Silestone countertop, always impeccable.

Silestone has a color chart with more than 60 proposals, from neutral shades in white, black, gray, beige and brown, to light colors and other more daring chromatic ranges.